The importance of expat health insurance

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Getting ready to embark on a world tour? The idyllic vacation for many, traveling from country to country provides you with the unique opportunity to experience multiple cuisines, customs, and views in one exciting trip. It can also expose you to a host of foreign illnesses and the opportunity to learn the word “doctor” in various languages. Before you leave, plan smart and invest in a global medical insurance plan.

Many traditional health plans have restrictions on the type and amount of care covered when you are away from home, and some don’t include any coverage at all. Contact your health insurance provider to learn about their coverage limitations.

If you intend to be traveling for longer than your current insurance provides for, you’ll need worldwide health insurance. These plans cover you no matter where you travel. Worldwide medical insurance ensures that any illness or injury you may encounter can be treated safely and affordably, no matter where you are. New countries can have procedures, treatments, drugs, and illnesses you are not familiar with; world health insurance can help you navigate the systems abroad and ensure you are connected with reputable health care providers.

Global medical insurance is also a great idea for expats moving to a new country but planning to take advantage of their new location and see other countries nearby. In these cases, worldwide health insurance covers you both at home and while on vacation.

Moving abroad but not planning to travel often? You might be able to save money with an overseas medical insurance plan covering only your new "home" country or region.

This is meant to be an adventure of a lifetime. Research and invest in global medical insurance. Compare and choose from over 3,000 health insurance policies for coverage while you’re away. Get a quote now and see the world more safely.

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