Unforeseen and problematic situations such as illness, death of a close relative and lost or delayed baggage are things that can ruin the perfect holiday. It is important to choose the right travel insurance plan to protect your finances during an accident. We at BrokerFish can personally help you find a travel insurance policy that is suitable for you and your budget. Head on over to for a free travel insurance quote. We look for and compare various policies from different insurance providers and show you the best options.


It is best not to purchase a particular travel insurance just because it is cheap or basing your research on the price of a policy. A cheap policy will not fully cover you and this means you will need to fork out more money to receive treatment compared to paying for the coverage. You will wish you had paid a bit more for the travel insurance coverage instead. Quite simply, if you can’t afford a big medical bill, then acquire a good travel insurance policy to shield you.

You can also save money on your travel insurance plan. One of the ways of doing so is to find out whether your flight and other pre-paid aspects of your trip are refundable. If they are, then don’t insure them. Travel insurance companies won’t reimburse you for your flight if the airline refunds your ticket.

You can also opt for the ‘cancel for any reason’ coverage on your trip but do you really need it? It is of course up to you but keep in mind that this is an add-on feature to your policy which means you will need to pay more premium.

Thirdly, do not purchase your travel insurance policy from a travel supplier or booking sites. Travel insurance companies are able to give you more options to cover you extensively on your trip. has the largest number of health care insurance plans which means we are able to show you more options besides giving you a free quote and finding a suitable travel insurance plan for you.

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