It is important when shopping for expat medical insurance to assess your needs, including your budget and coverage needs. Do you need maternity cover, dental cover, medical evacuation etc?

A few questions to help you assess your needs include:

  1. Does your banking balance allow you choose a plan deductible?

    Choosing a plan deductible help you reduce the cost of your policy, while a healthy bank account balance help you lower your plan deductible.

  2. Are you likely to visit the doctor often?

    If you have younger children or if you feel you visit a doctor more frequently compared to others, you may prefer a policy with a lower plan deductible. Alternatively, if you maintain your health and feel you are less likely to use your policy you may prefer a higher plan deductible to reduce the cost of your policy over the long-term.

  3. How much are you likely to spend on health care going forward?

    If you have a health condition it may be possible to have this covered be a medical insurer, which can then help cover the recurring costs associated with treating it.

    It may be the case you are less likely to foresee spending much on medical care and so you may prefer to take a lower level of coverage or exclude benefits such as prescription medication or routine dental cover.

  4. Do you have any medical conditions that could affect your application?

    Some insurers allow you to cover some pre-existing health conditions from day-one, or after a period of time, e.g. 2 years. If you have a health condition, you would like to have covered please contact us to let me know and we will see what is possible for you.

  5. Are any specific benefits that you would like to have covered?

    It is important to find a suitable policy for your needs, and which can include benefits you need, for example emergency medical evacuation cover, out-patient prescribed medication or maternity cover. Excluding benefits can also help reduce the cost of the policy.

  6. Is it important for you to maintain your coverage over the long-term or if you move country in future?

    Some policies provide a broad area of geographical coverage, others provide regional coverage and some are focused on a single country. People often move country for various reasons and this can happen unexpectedly, so it is important when choosing a policy and insurer you choose a policy which can help cover you over the long-term and is therefore sufficiently portable to allow you to move country in future and you are able to maintain the policy, and your cover for any health conditions covered by the policy.

  7. Do you have budget restrictions that can affect your choice of policy or coverage?

    When considering which policy may be suitable for you or your family, please consider that medical inflation will increase the premium over time, so it is better to choose a policy or insurer offering a premium that is not only affordable at this time but should remain affordable over the longer-term. Contact us to speak with an advisor to discuss how best to choose an expat medical insurance policy with an affordable premium.

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