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Expatriates use BrokerFish to find, compare and purchase affordable international health insurance.

Contact our qualified advisors today for advice on an insurer or policy, covering pre-existing health conditions or help to apply for a policy. we are here to help you.

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Use our BrokerFish international health insurance quote engine to find the best, personalized international health insurance deal that fits your specific needs and budget. Each of our international health insurance reviews provide information on plan benefits and key points to help you make informed decision. You may view our knowledge-base for many answers to common questions, or our Chartered Insurance Institute qualified advisors are here to help you. Call us if your have a question, otherwise you may apply for a policy online.


Buying insurance is an important decision, that is why BrokerFish helps you ensure that policies available on our site are from companies we are proud to present.


At BrokerFish we know there are many insurance websites, that is why we go the extra mile to make sure that every person needing protection has access to the best policies available.


We work hard to ensure all information is accurate and up to date. We continuously improve our product offering, improving our customer service and technology ease of use.

International Health Insurance for Expatriates and Others Requiring Global Expat Health Insurance

As more and more people work and move abroad, demand for quality international health insurance is growing around the world. In response to this our insurance partners have developed quality healthcare plans with protect people financially and provide them access to quality healthcare around the world.

Should you be living in France or the USA it is important to protect yourself from the sudden and unexpected high cost of medical treatment abroad. Some hospitals abroad will not allow a patient to be discharged until they receive a guarantee of payment from an insurer or full-payment for the treatment, more often than not - prior to treatment. Often hospitals also require down-payments by credit card, which needs to have sufficient credit available for payment. To simplify your life abroad, a quality international health insurance policy can take care of these difficulties for you.

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Kudos to you guys for taking steps to make insurance a more bearable user experience :]

PHILIP, Start-up Co-founder, CHINARating