Refers to those that do not have sufficient insurance to cover loss or damage adequately enough.
Refers to the process that an insurance company uses to assess the eligibility of an applicant to get approval for international health insurance.
URC (Usual, Reasonable and Customary)
This refers to the standard or most common charge for a particular medical service when rendered. It is often seen in table of benefits meaning roughly that the Insurer will pay out whatever amount is usual or reasonable for that specific benefit.
Refers to immunisations and booster injections in addition to the cost of consultation for administering the vaccine.
Waiting Period
A period of time during which you are not entitled to cover for particular benefits.

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I had been living in China for a several years and we had just finalized negotiation for a large project. We had worked day and night for a couple of weeks and had a meeting with one of our Chinese partners to go through some minor issues when I all of a sudden started sweating, felt very dizzy and ...

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An excess / deductible is the amount you pay before the insurance company will pay for medical expenses. Selecting a high excess when you buy or renew your policy reduces your premium costs.
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