Group international health insurance
Hazardous Sports Cover
Refers to cover for "dangerous" sporting activities such as but not limited to mountaineering, hang gliding, parachuting, bungee jumping, motor vehicle racing, snow mobiling, skiing and snow boarding.
Home country
Is the country for which the insured person holds a current passport and/or to which the insured person would want to be repatriated.
A form of alternative medicine that attempts to treat patients with heavily diluted preparations which are claimed to cause effects similar to the symptoms presented.
Hospice care
Hospital / Provider Network
A directory / list of medical providers which are recognised by the insurance company and which usually the insurance company has an established relationship with. This is not to say that you cannot go to a hospital of your choice that is outside your insurance company\\\'s network but it is usually advantageous to do so in respect of claims handling.

Many Insurers have online hospital network databases where you can easily find information about hospitals close to wherever you are in the world.
Hospital accommodation
Refers to the type of room that you stay in when receiving treatment in hospital. Private, semi-private deluxe and executive suites are common benefits of international health insurance plans.
Being placed in medical care at a medical care facility.
In-Patient Cash Benefit
Refers to an international health insurance benefit where monies are paid by the insurance company when treatment and/or accommodation for medical treatment, that would otherwise be covered under the insured's plan, is provided in a hospital where no charges are billed.
In-Patient Dental Treatment
Refers to emergency dental treatment due to a serious accident that requires you to be admitted to hospital.
In-Patient Treatment
Refers to treatment in a hospital / clinic where an overnight stay is medically necessary.
Infertility treatment
Refers to reproductive treatment and technology for either sexes used primarily to achieve pregnancy by artificial or partially artificial means. It may also refer to treatment used to investigate procedures necessary to establish the cause for infertility.
Insurance Certificate
A document which details what you as a policyholder are entitled to. It simply proves that a contractual relationship exists between the insured person(s) and the insurance company.
Insurance Company / Insurer / Carrier
A company that sells insurance to cover the cost or sometimes compensate for loss due to ill health or accident.
Insurance Year
Refers to the effective date (or the date that your insurance commences) of a policy and ends exactly one year later.
Insured Person(s)
A policy holder and other people such as dependents that are subscribed to a policy.
International Health Insurance
Also known as "Private Medical Insurance", Expatriate Health Insurance or International Medical Insurance, refers to insurance designed to provide private medical care in the event of sickness, ill health or accident.
International Medical Insurance

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Hospitals and Doctors
International health insurance provides you with flexibility to choose any hospital or doctor for treatment that you like within your chosen area of cover.
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