Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What is BrokerFish?

BrokerFish is an online marketplace where people can access decision support and purchase a healthcare policy offered by multiple carriers. BrokerFish a licensed and regulated offshore international insurance broker who provide independent qualified advice and member support during the policy year, see our Why BrokerFish page for more information.

Where are your service centres?

We currently have member service centres in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia only. Our head office is located in Labuan, F.T. Malaysia, and our non-admitted policy sales are transacted in Labuan Malaysia, where we are licensed and regulated.

Do you work for me or an Insurer?

We work for you. Our role is to find the best product in the market for you in a completely unbiased way.

How do you get paid?

We do not charge for our services as we receive a marketing fee/commission from any Insurer we place cover with. There is little variation in terms of the amount we receive by plan or Insurer so this does not impact who we place cover with.

Do we pay our policy premium to you?

No. Your cover is with the Insurer and payment is made to them.

What happens if BrokerFish stops trading?

This is unlikely as to maintain our license we need to maintain financial adequacy requirements. If in the unlikely event we were to cease trading as your cover is provided by the Insurer there would be no impact on your health insurance plan.

What makes BrokerFish different?

There are a number of companies offering similar services to ourselves. We feel we are the best in the market not just because of the products we offer and our very high service standards but also because of what we stand for which is to provide ethical, highly professional advice delivered by people that truly care about you.

  • We are not owned by or tied to any insurer
  • We do not charge for our services
  • We have served thousands of clients in over 75 countries
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Discounts for Children
Save more by adding children. Some Insurers offer brilliant discounts for children if enrolled on the same policy as parent / guardian.
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BrokerFish is a trade name of Tenbridge Group Limited (LL06640), a Licensed Labuan Insurance Broker (BS200863).
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