The importance of expat health insurance

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Ensuring access to quality healthcare is essential for people living or working abroad. Depending on where you will be based local medical facilities can be very basic, expensive or inaccessible.

So unless you are one of the few who believe you will never become sick or will have an accident, good expatriate health insurance coverage is a must.

Expatriate health insurance plans offer varying levels of medical cover and with the wide range of products available from health insurance companies the choices can be pretty daunting. With medical costs increasing around the world at a faster pace than the cost of living if something serious were to happen most soon realise having a plan that covers most contingencies is vital. This is why health insurance may be the most important expatriate insurance you buy.

So Why Is Expat Health Insurance So Critical?
  • Risk – the right plan will make sure you can afford and access the best treatment and medical facilities – medical costs can run into many thousands very fast so unless you have access to vast financial reserves it’s best to transfer the financial risk to the insurer.
  • Choice – you can choose the qualified medical practitioner/doctor/specialist you wish to see along with choosing the hospital/medical facility – particularly important if where you are based does not have the medical expertise you need or you don’t trust the standard of care you may receive;
  • Peace of Mind – hopefully nothing too serious will happen to you but even living in the most beautiful and luxurious of destinations can bring with it a new host of potential illnesses. As examples:
    • A cut in a hot country can fast develop into a bad infection.
    • Mosquitoes, albeit usually only annoying pose a real risk for Dengue, Malaria, and Japanese Encephalitis amongst others.
    • Pollution in countries such as China, Dubai and Indonesia can trigger respiratory illnesses and allergies for those otherwise healthy.
    • If you are in excellent health and feel that you are likely to continue to be then factors out-with your control such as an accident (road traffic accidents being very common in developing countries) are important to bear in mind.
  • Comfort – opting to use local facilities if you need medical attention can be affordable if not for something serious, however, the standard of such facilities vary a great deal in respect of basic cleanliness to how modern their medical and diagnostic equipment is. Having private expatriate healthcare insurance can not only help you address issues such as these but will also provide you with a private or semi-private room along with other home comforts if you need to be admitted for an overnight stay or longer.
  • Maintain Basic Care – Expatriates health insurance policies are are tailored to help ensure that while you are an expat, healthcare basics will be covered for minor illnesses and checkups.

Brokers such as ourselves will help you narrow down the field of choices to make sure you can find the right expatriate insurance solution to suit your needs at the best possible price. Visit our international health insurance quote engine to look at plans and compare expat health insurance reviews.

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