The importance of expat health insurance

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For many, international medical insurance while traveling or living abroad is a given; they want to be protected in case of an emergency. But if your plans keep you overseas for an extended period of time, you should also consider international dental insurance.

International dental insurance will allow you to easily keep up your annual well visits, cleanings, and other preventative care. It will also cover you should you need a filling, root canal, or other procedure. Some international dental plans include orthodontics, particularly important if you are already using braces or a retainer and would like to continue while abroad. Many plans will also cover oral surgery, veneers, dentures, prosthetics, and other dental work.

Some may consider regular dental care unnecessary, but annual cleanings and checks can help prevent serious issues such as periodontal disease or oral cancer. A healthy mouth has also been linked to a lower occurrence of heart disease. And since you’ll have a list of covered dentists made available to you, an international dental insurance plan will make finding assistance quickly in your new local much simpler.

You can easily keep up with your healthy routine by investing in international dental insurance. Get a quote now and find another reason to smile.

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