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Healthcare systems differ from country to country. Here's some information to help you better understand how the Vietnamese healthcare system works and what it means for you.



When moving to Vietnam, expat health insurance is an important item to research. The healthcare system in Vietnam is safe and respectable in urban centers, with rural areas struggling to get the funding necessary. Here's some information to help you better understand health insurance, Vietnam, their health care system, and what it means for you as an expatriate.

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Hospitals in Vietnam

There are many hospitals in the large cities of Vietnam, such as Ho Chi Min City and Hanoi, and many cater to expatriates with international health insurance. Vietnam is also home to many internationally trained doctors who speak a variety of languages. If you move to a rural area of Vietnam, however, finding a hospital might require a drive, and the services available there might feel substandard compared to what you are used to. For any serious injuries or illnesses, you may want to travel to the closest city for a consultation. Even then, many travel outside of Vietnam to Singapore or Thailand if they require serious surgery, which should be covered by your expat health insurance in Vietnam.

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For well visits or to see a doctor about a minor ailment or illness, consultations are available in hospitals as well as joint practices. Most practices are general, but some specialize in various conditions These visits should be covered by your health insurance in Vietnam.

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Foreign prescriptions are not honored in Vietnam, so if you are on a medication before moving, you may want to bring along a supply with you. This is also important depending on the type of medication you are on; while many Western drugs are available, many are not or in very short supply. Some others may be banned. If the type of drug you are on is available in Vietnam, you may instead want to visit a local doctor covered by your Vietnam expat health insurance plan for a new prescription for the local version. You may also want to check your local pharmacy first; many drugs considered prescriptions in Western communities are available over the counter in Vietnam.

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The emergency number in Vietnam is 115. However, the public ambulance fleet is small and wait times may be quite long. If you cannot use a taxi or other means of transport, consider a private ambulance fleet instead.

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International Health Insurance

While care may be affordable, you'll want to be sure you have access to the best quality available while in Vietnam. Help keep costs down and manageable by purchasing international health insurance in Vietnam. Compare and choose from over 3,000 health insurance policies for coverage available to you as an expat. Get a quote now

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