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Giving away $200 in prizes! BrokerFish is kicking off a contest to identify members of the online expat community who contribute the most value to their audience! See the Winners!
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BrokerFish is kicking off a contest to identify members of the online expat and travel communities who contribute the most value to their audience.

We want to celebrate the most innovative, inspiring, fascinating, and compelling sites in the expat community who are consistently adding value for their readers.

We are always monitoring the expat space in order to identify what is really important to the community and how to address these needs. Now, we would like to give back to these expats who have gone above and beyond to bring a voice to the community.

We have narrowed down our list of expat sites and will be announcing the winner of our $200 prize in a couple of weeks as well as recognize all those who have been nominated by our team.

In addition, all nominees will receive the following badge to show off this special recognition on their blog while the top 3 will receive badges completely unique to them.

Stay tuned for when we announce the winners!

BrokerFish Gold Badge


What is the purpose of BrokerFish awards?

As an expat organisation in the online space, BrokerFish appreciates the immense challenge of building a thriving expat community. We want to highlight sites that we feel contribute most to the users they serve by formally recognising their outstanding excellence in order to encourage further contribution to the expat space by winners and newcomers alike!

How can I enter?

You don't! When selecting candidates, BrokerFish scours the web to find sites and applications that best meet their judging criteria. As a expat or travel site owner, no action on your part is required! If your site is selected as a winner or nominee, we will contact you directly with the good news! .

What countries and languages are the awards open to?

The BrokerFish Best Expat & Travel Awards are global and are open to any country. That said, non-English speaking blogs and sites must be accessible to our predominantly English speaking judging panel. In this way non-English speaking sites that are heavily text based may not fare as well in comparison to heavily visual-orientated type sites.

Is my site eligible?

Awards are open to all organisations and individuals operating sites and applications that actively participate within the expat and travel community spaces. Sites can be of any type from personal travel blogs and news sites to wikis and mobile applications and everything in between!

How many awards are there and what are the prizes?

There are a total of three winner's awards - 1st, 2nd and 3rd, representing the best of the expat and travel niche. Each winner will receive a unique badge to place on their site with the lucky 1st place site owner receiving a cash prize of $200!

In addition, our judges will select and award several nominees (runnersup) to formally recognize their notable achivement with a nonimee badge.

How does BrokerFish choose a winner?

Judges will use a holistic scoring approach that appraises a site based on content, structure, creativity, visual design, functionality, interactivity and overall experience. Crucially, judges will favour sites that they feel contribute the most overall value to the community.


Sharell (White Indian Housewife)

Winner !

"My blog exists to give readers a realistic idea of what it's like to live in India as a foreigner, and who's also married to an Indian guy.

There are over 500 posts that range from educational and controversial to funny and introspective."

BrokerFish Gold Badge
Lesley (Mija Chronicles)

Runner Up !

"My site is basically a love letter to Mexican food and travel, specifically the food of Mexico City, where I live.

I hope that readers who visit my site would learn that Mexican cuisine is one of the richest and most complex in the world, and that Mexico City is nothing to be afraid of! (You must, however, be willing to embrace traffic.)"

BrokerFish Silver Badge
Rachel (Rachel's Rantings)

Runner Up !

"Life as an expat is full of humorous anecdotes and cultural differences.

I blog about my observations of all things Brazilian, a look into life in Rio de Janeiro from the eyes of an outsider who is trying to be an insider."

BrokerFish Bronze Badge
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