When you buy BrokerFish you not only receive great tools and value, but phenomenal service. Thousands of customers let us help them with their insurance needs via our qualified advice and excellent service, which what we like to call "the BrokerFish Difference". Below are quotes from customers who have appreciated the BrokerFish difference.

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Quote Mark Kudos to you guys for taking steps to make insurance a more bearable user experience :] PHILIP, Start-up Co-founder, CHINA Ratings
Quote Mark I really appreciate the advice and speed of processing for our medical insurance and have referred BrokerFish on to three embassies. SAM. S, Representative, ASIA Ratings
Quote Mark I am very satisfied with the service I have received with William Russel. Our direct payment plan has always worked wonderfully with no problems. Anytime I have had a question or a concern about my plan, I was able to e-mail a representitive and receive a reply quickly. When I ahve called the help line, the customer service representitive was always polite, helpful and efficient. ANONYMOUS, International School Teacher, ASIA Ratings
Quote Mark I am grateful for the exemplary service you provided to use through this process. It was a pleasure working with you. ALEX, Programme Manager, THAILAND Ratings
Quote Mark I've taken a few moments to write some feedback on my experiences with BrokerFish's services. They provided me with tailored international health cover and other advice since my residence in China for the past 2 years. Information provdied not only met my expectations but exceeds it, they ensured I received all the necessary information, pertaining to my queries and anticipated other concenrs in advance.

BrokerFish are highly professional when they engage with me, their dedication and seriousness in their delivery is transparent and makes a working relationship not only credible but comfortable and trusting. Their advice quality is high, supported with facts and documents - often via email and follow up with a telephone call which is highly appreciated as health cover can be confusing at times. The service is highly personalized. BrokerFish always makes time for me and certainly makes sure I receive and understand all the information presented to me. I've enjoyed the one point of contanct and feel very important that I can count on them anytime when I pick up the phone or e-mail. BrokerFish' communication is coherent, informative and concise... their responsiveness is quick and I never have to too long before I head back from.

Sometimes due to my own lack of responsiveness I urge the people at BrokerFish to speed up the process and they'll gladly do it personally and make sure it's all followed through with the health insurance provider. I am very satisfied with their level of service.
SUMITHA, Senior Manager of Operations, CHINA Ratings
Quote Mark We have cooperated with BrokerFish for more than 2 years for our insurance programme of all expatriate employees.

During these two years, they always gave professional advice in accordance with our needs. They also showed their patience and kindness when handling things. Furthermore, they're always very helpful, reliable and efficient.

We really appreciated their support and certainly looking forward to our continuous successful cooperation.
KYLIE, H.R. Manager, CHINA Ratings
Quote Mark It was last April, 2008 that I first got to know BrokerFish. They've been fantastic insurance advisory since then. They are always able to provide very detailed information and advise us to make the most suitable purchase. Whenever I have questions for them, they get back to me as soon as possible. I am quite impressed with their very high level of professionalism and 100% satisfied with his consistent high-quality services. MIRANDA, Special Programs Director, ASIA Ratings
Quote Mark BrokerFish's professional and impartial advice made it so much easier for me to find the health plan that's right for me. The peace of mind that comes with your service is invaluable. REX. C, Independent Interpreter, ASIA Ratings
Quote Mark The people at BrokerFish are very hardworking and friendly. Whenever I have queries about my insurance policy, they always answer promptly and with patience. When I first approached them regarding which health policies to choose from, they customized a comparison chart just to make selection easier.

I am very satisfied with their service and will recommend BrokerFish to whoever is in need of their services.
LILIAN, Director, JAPAN Ratings
Quote Mark I was covered by William Russel for about 4 years while I was living in China. Over that period I made a number of claims, including a maternity, and I was always pleased with the efficiency and professionalism of the staff I dealt with.

A 'real person' handled each claim I made, so I could email that person and ask questions when I had them, rather than having to explain myself over and over to different people. When my documents got lost in the post one time, they were very understanding and waited many months for the hospital who treated me to resend them, without any penalty. Email communications were answered promptly and all claims were settled within just a few days.       
Quote Mark I was trying to decide where, who, and how to organize health insurance for myself as I was now an expat living overseas and needed to know I was covered. I had searched online myself and was finally recommended to BrokerFish through a friend. I have been amazed and extremely satisfied with the high level of professionalism, quality of service and product, and ongoing communication received over the last year and a half. Not only do I feel that they answered all of my numerous questions in a timely way, they they always provided me with more answers to unspoken questions so that I can make an informed decision about what level of product service that I require.

The information has been communicated in a clear and concise manner, so that it is easier to read and understand without the need for further clarification. I was impressed that it had become so much easier to choose a health provider through an agent, than to try and research the necessary info myself. Over the past year I have had many unexpected health issues arise, but I felt that I had made the right decision in choosing the insurance that was recommended to me through BrokerFish.

I had decided to renew my policy this year and will be looking to include my partner later in the year, as I feel that the quality of the products offered exceeds my expectations on many levels. I intend to continue to recommend BrokerFish and the services they offer to my friends and family as well as continuing on with my own professional relationship.
JACINTA, Showroom Manager, CHINA Ratings
Quote Mark I am writing to thank BrokerFish for your professional and prompt service provided to me with respect to a claim that was unresolved with our medical insurer. As soon I wrote to one of your agents about the issue of my unprocessed claim, you were quick to respond and understood the facts of my case. Based on this, you were able to quickly and professionally advice me that I was indeed entitled to my claim being reimbursed under our policy.

This demonstrates how well you know your area of expertise.

With your help to directly challenge the insurer, you were able to help me quickly obtain a succesful reversal of the insurer's earlier stand and have my claim fully processed instead. Thank you again for your excellent help and service on this and I appreciate it very much.
DAVID. L, Head of Corporate & Institutional Banking, ASIA Ratings
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Quote Mark

Kudos to you guys for taking steps to make insurance a more bearable user experience :]

PHILIP, Start-up Co-founder, CHINARating