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Why Buy a Health Insurance Policy for your Crew and seafarers at BrokerFish?

Health insurance is an insurance policy that helps cover the cost for crew who seek medical care often at international medical providers around the globe or in their home country. Group health insurance helps companies transfer financial risk from their crew and the company to a specialist health insurance company instead. This provides their crew and their families the financial stability they need when working overseas and at home, due to the sudden and unexpected high costs of hospitalization due to an accident or illness. Group health insurance can help both attract and retain quality talented crew who value this benefit as an essential part of their package. Companies may easily boost their talent acquisition and retainment rate by providing comprehensive health insurance coverage.

At BrokerFish, we use our innovative approach to help companies employers compare the best international health insurance plans. We guide you to choose the right health plan to cover your crew in a single policy and can provide references from companies insuring as few as 20 crew to larger entities insuring over 1,000 crew on vessels around the globe.

We have a special department focusing on health insurance for seafarers and crew and we have been appointed as the exclusive distributor of a plan tailored for crew and seafarers. This policy keeps in mind the most essential requirements for both crew and company offering comprehensive benefits for major events while keeping in mind the need for a cost effective solution enabling companies to cover all of their crew at very competitive rates. The plan allows for tailored coverage meeting the needs for different ranks. The plan provides comprehensive inpatient coverage as well as day- and out-patient benefits. 3 areas of cover is available – worldwide, worldwide excluding USA or Worldwide with emergency coverage only in USA. Your seafarers and crew have free choice of hospitals within the selected area of coverage and, where possible, the insurer will arrange for inpatient direct billing (cashless settlement of incurred costs within the limits of the plan). The insurance plan is provided by one of the largest insurers in the world with an extensive service and support net including local partners. Premiums are extraordinarily competitive compared to regular international insurances and dependents can be added to the plan, also at competitive rates. The plan is flat rated (same premiums for all seafarers and crew independent of age). We understand the maritime industry well – seafarers and crew undergo regular health checks and seafarers and crew health is key to employers as seafarers and crew can spend months at sea. As seafarers and crew regularly undergo health screenings and needs valid health certificates to sign on to their ships – they are comparatively healthy and low risk group. This “health guarantee” provides incentives for insurers with insight in the industry to offer competitive premiums. Please contact us today to discuss your needs.